Lawn Treatments

People seldom have the time to keep a perfectly trimmed lawn these days. If you’re busy and you need us to take some of the work-load from your hands, then Cutting Edge are here to help and you’ve come to the right place. We’re friendly, reliable and proud of our work. We also have the most modern machinery, equipment and gardening savvy to keep your lawn in a healthy and beautiful condition, and have experience with aerating and scarifying. Make a good impression and create a solid and sound lawn for your children to play in, and to enhance the gardening experience.

Lawn work is just something we’re good at, whether that be applying lawn treatments, or lawn mowing. The grass may be greener on the other side but we will make sure all eyes will be looking at your lawn!

Our experienced staff have the relevant essential lawn care knowledge, and use professional systemic herbicides and modern slow controlled release coated granular fertilisers to improve the health and appearance of your lawn. We also have many years experience controlling moss and removing the conditions that encourage moss. We have the appropriate equipment and techniques to scarify and hollow tine aerate your lawn to produce long term, effective results.

With 20 years experience on lawn work, we have built up a solid reputation in Cardiff for impressive grounds maintenance and gardening skills, with cutting edge technology and cutting edge experience. Click here to get in touch with us.