Pressure Washing

We offer mobile pressure washing services, jet washing and steam cleaning for just about all commercial and domestic exterior surfaces and buildings throughout Cardiff including:

Building facades, walls, fences, paths, pavements and patio cleaning, terraces, block paving, shop fronts and awnings, garage forecourts, garden furniture, conservatories, monuments and statues, driveways, steps, basement entrances, roofs, guttering, decking, paving, brick, concrete, warehouses and industrial plant… We can pressure wash just about anything!


We transform commercial premises including pavements, shop fronts and entrances, awnings, terraces, patios and driveways. Work can be carried out out of hours to suit your business.

We can steam clean and power wash your awning or canopy which can particularly suffer from unsightly and unhygienic pigeon mess as well as algae and traffic grime.


Building cleaning is the removal of atmospheric pollution from masonry surfaces such as brick, stone or concrete. For brick cleaning and stone cleaning we use a combination of chemicals and jet wash/ pressure washing to clean away the stubborn grey and black coating of carbon that covers many of Cardiff’s buildings. Brick and stone structures are dramatically transformed by the masonry cleaning process which reveals colours that have been hidden by the effects of pollution for decades.