Tree and Hedge Control

SDC11382No tree is too big or too small, we have all the expertise to remove or reduce the size of any tree. We also take the wood away for you so you are not left with the debris.

Garden Hedge Trimming: – We will advise you when and what shrubs and hedges needs to be cut back or trimmed in your garden. With a good eye for topiary we achieve the design, shape or look for your hedges that you require.

Commercial Hedge Cutting 

We have all the machines to carry out hedge cutting on a commercial scale. We leave the area tidy and safe afterwards so business can carry on as usual on your site.

Tree Cutting and Removal: We have the skills and expertise to cut back or cut down any size tree. We advise on the benefits and impact of doing it, so that the right decision is made before anything is cut.

Our Tree Cutting Services

Tree Surgery: We love trees but there are times when they need to be cut back or removed, we are there to provide professional advice so the right decision can be made.

Hedge and Tree Removal: We’re fast and efficient and leave no mess behind.

Hedge Trimming: We have a good eye for detail and we are perfectionists at heart.